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The SourceAudio Hot Hand USB is a really robust, easy way to get x,y,z accelerometer data from a wearable. It streams the data wirelessly to a USB dongle that acts as a MIDI device. There are a lot of things that it's control software can do, but here's a very simple Max Patch to map & use the Hot Hand as a MIDI and/or OSC controller!

Simply set the MIDI In & Out, OSC host address & port, set up your software to receive data for mapping, and drag the sliders to output specified CC values. After each axis is mapped, enable the stream of data coming from the controller so it passes through the Max Patch and into your audio or video program!

Download Matt's software HERE.


Also required to run is Max 6 Runtime, available here, and the CNMAT family of Max objects, available here.

Buy a Hot Hand USB here.